PPG Aerospace qualifies basecoat-clearcoat exterior topcoat systems at Airbus

12 August 2015

Basecoat-clearcoat exterior topcoat systems by PPG Industries’ aerospace coatings group have been qualified at Airbus that offer appearance, production, operating and maintenance benefits.

High-solids Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat-clearcoat has been qualified for application as a topcoat system, as well as with chromate-free Desoprime CF/CA 7049 primer that Airbus has long used. Also qualified is the basecoat-clearcoat selectively strippable system with chromate-free F565 intermediate coat applied over the primer that facilitates repainting without removal of the primer.

Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat-clearcoat consists of a heavily pigmented basecoat that provides colour with less paint than conventional high-solids paints and a clearcoat that extends service life, improves buffability and achieves a smoother, high-gloss surface that is easier to clean.

PPG basecoat-clearcoat systems provide superior aesthetics, while weight savings improve fuel economy and the enhanced color and gloss retention helps reduce maintenance to benefit airlines, according to Dirk Thelen, PPG key Account Director for Airbus programmes and Business Manager, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) south region.

"We worked closely with Airbus to demonstrate the productivity and appearance advantages of the PPG basecoat-clearcoat system,” Thelen said. "Airbus wanted to offer its customers advanced coatings technology that many airlines already use in their own maintenance operations. For airlines, having Airbus use the same coatings system on new aircraft that they use in maintenance is a significant benefit.”

In the selectively strippable coatings system with PPG basecoat-clearcoat, F565 intermediate coating is applied over the primer, and the basecoat-clearcoat and intermediate coating are easily removed during repainting, leaving the primer intact. Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat-clearcoat and Desothane HD/CA 9008 ultraviolet-resistant external clearcoat also are qualified independently at Airbus.

Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat-clearcoat topcoat system used with or without Desoprime CF/CA 7049 primer, as well as the selectively strippable basecoat-clearcoat system are qualified to AIMS 04-04-025, AIMS 04-04-033 and AIMS 04-04-037. Desothane HD/CA 9008 clearcoat is qualified to AIMS 04-04-023 for independent application.

Desothane HD/CA 9008 basecoat-clearcoat is also part of a growing number of PPG Aerospace chromate-free systems qualified to SAE International’s Aerospace Material Specification 3095A for airline exterior paint. Nearly 250 aircraft have been successfully painted with PPG basecoat-clearcoat systems.

PPG Aerospace is the aerospace products and services business of PPG Industries. PPG Aerospace – PRC-DeSoto is the leading global producer and distributor of aerospace coatings, sealants, and packaging and application systems. PPG Aerospace – Transparencies is the world’s largest supplier of aircraft windshields, windows and canopies. For more information, visit www.ppgaerospace.com.

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