PPG announces availability of CORROKLEEN 44 rust remover

17 June 2015

PPG Industries’ commercial coatings group has added CFX744 CorroKleen 44 Rust Remover to its OneChoice Commercial universal ancillary brand. The new addition is an environmentally responsible, low-impact citric acid gel cleaner that serves as an effective alternative to traditional grinding, sanding, media blasting or harsh chemical methods for the removal of rust and mill scale.

CorroKleen 44 rust remover is designed to be used full-strength on rusted or mill-scaled hot-rolled steel or rusted cold-rolled steel. It is free of phosphates, other strong acids and solvents. Its shear-thinning gel structure also enables easy application through airless spray, chemical-resistant brush and trigger hand sprayers, making it the appropriate choice for use on sensitive equipment or when blasting is not practical.

"By adding CorroKleen 44 [rust remover] to our OneChoice speciality products, PPG is offering applicators an efficient, smart and ecologically favourable alternative to expensive sanding and blasting methods of metal cleaning,” said Steve Podlas, PPG Brand Manager, commercial coatings. He added that the new product provides "significant, practical rust-removal advantages including a gel structure that hangs well on vertical surfaces. It can be applied to tight, hard-to-reach areas and can deliver excellent performance on three-dimensional surfaces. This is a product PPG customers will want to consider and ultimately incorporate into their rust-removal processes.”

According to Podlas, CorroKleen 44 rust remover is exceptional for the removal of rust, heat-treat stains and mill scale. In most cases, rust can be completely removed only two hours after application. Mill-scale removal may take slightly longer.

CorroKleen 44 rust remover is intended for markets and uses such as general metal rust removal, heavy-duty construction equipment, industrial machinery, valves, trailer frames, hot-rolled steel fabrications and equipment that can be sensitive to blast media.

OneChoice Commercial paint products by PPG provide solutions for various application requirements to support the needs of diverse market segments. Products include wax and grease removers, pot-life extenders and curing additives, spot-repair blending solutions, and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) cleaners and high-build additives.

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