PPG brings PPG MoonWalk automated paint mixing system to Mexico

11 December 2023

PPG has launched PPG Moonwalk® automated paint mixing system in Mexico. The system offers significant benefits for car refinishing, improving quality and efficiency, saving time and labor costs and reducing material waste.

“Historically, the color mixing process in vehicle refinishing has been laborious and detailed, requiring precision and time,” said Juan Pablo Reyes, PPG Senior Manager, Mexico, Automotive Refinish. “The PPG MoonWalk automated system allows body shops improve productivity, helping to address labour challenges and, at the same time, ensuring unmatched accuracy in each mix.”

This unmatched precision in each mix improves the quality and consistency of the refinish and enhances the work experience of the technicians. The PPG MoonWalk system also contributes to reducing waste, leading to a more sustainable work environment, and, due to its compact size, fits into any paint room, keeping the space clean and free of splashes.


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“This technology guarantees accurate storage and dispensing, with 80 storage spaces for inks and 13 positions in the dispensing rack,” Reyes said. “Automating the paint mixing process eliminates the risk of human error, ensuring accuracy in every mix and contributing to a more efficient process that accelerates shop productivity. This significantly minimizes labor time and costs, resulting in increased revenue for the business.”

In addition, the PPG MoonWalk system offers a complete package of solutions with the PPG TOUCHMIX® Express touchscreen and PPG PAINTMANAGER® XI colour management software, which allows barcode verification, automatic dispensing of the correct amount of product, and label printing, providing a complete tool for paint shops.

Mexico is the third market to receive the technology in Latin America after Brazil and Colombia.

“Currently, more than 2,000 body shops worldwide have PPG MoonWalk systems installed,” said Reyes. “The arrival of this technology in Mexico is an essential step towards the modernisation of the automotive industry in the country, positioning PPG as a reference in the adoption of leading-edge technology.”

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