PPG conducts tree-planting initiative in Dubai to promote environmental sustainability

24 January 2024

PPG has carried out a tree-planting initiative at the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) in Dubai. The event underscores PPG’s commitment to invest US$5M in environmental sustainability education by 2030.

PPG employees and family members planted trees at the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture in Dubai, underscoring PPG’s commitment to environmental sustainability education.

Over 100 PPG employees and their family members participated in the event, planting 50 Ghaf trees, a native species that thrives in dry climates. The Ghaf tree is known for its resilience and holds cultural significance in the region. Volunteers also took part in an educational tour at the ICBA’s Emirates Soil Museum to learn about the different types of soils found in the UAE, as well as the fragility and environmental threats.


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“At PPG, our commitment to environmental sustainability goes beyond words,” said Olga Kolevatova, PPG General Manager, Middle East, Turkey, Egypt, and Caspian region. “As PPG employees and their families plant the Ghaf trees, we reinforce our pledge to support local communities and contribute to a more sustainable future. Together, as one PPG, we plant the seeds of change for the generations to come.”

“This event was not just about the Ghaf trees; it is a tangible representation of our broader commitment to environmental sustainability education and emphasises our dedication to decarbonisation,” said Jean-Francois Lemaire, PPG Director, Middle East, India and Turkey, Aerospace Coatings. “It serves as a symbol of PPG’s dedication to the local communities where it operates and its mission to contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Visit PPG’s 2022 ESG Report to learn more about the company’s commitment to sustainability.

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