PPG introduces Sigma Sailadvance

12 August 2015

PPG Industries’ protective and marine coatings business has introduced the Sigma Sailadvance high-performance antifouling coatings range. Suitable for a variety of operating conditions. The range currently comprises four coatings: Sigma Sailadvance RX and GX coatings are completely new formulations based on PPG-patented technologies and Sigma Sailadvance MX and DX coatings are rebranded Sigma Syladvance 700 and 800 products. RX and GX antifoulings are based on self-release binder technology using controlled surface active polymers (CSPs) that provides the coatings with a self-lubrication and self-release mechanism. CSPs act on the coating-water interface as a lubricant, which supports laminar flow, thereby reducing hull friction when the ship is sailing and delivering fuel savings of five percent on average. In addition, CSPs create a ‘slippery surface’ that increases resistance to fouling when a ship is not sailing, extending the potential for more idle days.

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