PPG introduces Spectracron Splash two-coat liquid coating system for kitchen & bath market

09 December 2021

PPG has introduced Spectracron® Splash, which is a first-of-its-kind two-coat urethane system for composite bathtubs and sinks. The liquid coating system provides kitchen and bath manufacturers with a high-performance protective finish in colours and gloss ranges not available on the market until now.

The PPG Spectracron Splash system is currently available globally in eight standard colours with customisable options, which is a departure from the white or off-white industry standard colours. The two-coat process comprises a base coat that adds colour, strength and durability to the composite substrate followed by a protective topcoat that seals the base and provides customised gloss levels that range from matte to high-lustre finishes.

"In terms of durability and aesthetics, this system is a real breakthrough for the kitchen and bath market,” said Maria Lamorey, PPG Commercial Strategy Manager, Industrial Coatings. "Our OEM customers want to provide products that are resilient and long lasting, as well as design and styling options that meet today’s leading consumer trends. This new product delivers both.”

The PPG Spectracron Splash system meets OEM performance specifications for abrasions, wear and durability. With high scrubbability, it outlasts competitors’ finishes, making it a true differentiated solution in the kitchen and bath market.

Other key performance features include resistance to stains, water and chemicals. The coating cures at 525 degrees Fahrenheit (274 degrees Celsius) through traditional bake or infrared (IR) methods, creating a robust finish that strengthens composite substrates and extends product lifespan.

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