PPG opens US$30M battery pack application centre in China

02 June 2023

PPG has inaugurated a battery pack application centre (BPAC) in Tianjin, China. The US$30M facility features a full range of capabilities to test the application of PPG coatings technologies, materials and systems for electric vehicle (EV) battery packs, allowing customers to accelerate the development of new EV technologies.

“The new application centre is an important milestone in our effort to support our customers in China in the EV battery market,” said Vincent Robin, PPG Global Vice President, Automotive Coatings. “The new facility will be an important way for customers to validate our customisable coatings solutions that help them reduce application cost, increase battery life, range and charging speed and contribute to occupant safety.”

The BPAC will include application testing for PPG technologies, including powder coatings, fire protection coatings, dielectric coatings, adhesives and sealants, surface pre-treatment and e-coat technologies. Its modular design will allow for independent projects to be carried out concurrently in each of the application areas. This flexibility will enable development of material and process solutions across the range of current and potential customers.

“The application centre showcases PPG’s work in R&D and application technologies for EV batteries, while playing a significant role in developing our local talent in Tianjin,” said Thomas Li, PPG Vice President, Asia Pacific, Automotive Coatings. “It highlights the focus on our work to develop sustainable, cutting-edge technologies in China and provides our customers with value-added solutions.”

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