PPG research shows tyre manufacturing energy, time savings with AGILON performance silica

06 July 2023

PPG has released new research demonstrating energy savings and other manufacturing benefits for tyre makers with the use of PPG AGILON® performance silica technology. The research showed that PPG Agilon silica provides nearly 50% energy savings and cuts manufacturing time by a third compared to conventional silica by eliminating one mixing step.

PPG Agilon precipitated silica is chemically modified, enabling tyre makers to eliminate a manufacturing step required in conventional technology, in which high-density silica undergoes a reaction with silane. Because PPG formulates PPG Agilon performance silica by precipitating silica and silane together, this non-value-added processing step is not required, saving energy and reducing manufacturing complexity.

“The research demonstrates that lower energy consumption, reduced mixer wear and increased plant throughput can be obtained when using PPG Agilon silica,” said Truman Wilt, PPG Research and Development Director, Specialty Chemicals and Materials. “Working alongside our customers, PPG aims to enhance their manufacturing capabilities and exceed the needs of today’s tire industry, all while helping to meet their sustainability goals.”

The new PPG research also found added benefits for tyre makers compared to non-treated silicas, including increased mixer fill factor (the ratio between the volume of material put in a mixer and the total mixer volume), higher silica loadings, reduced mixer temperature and lower water consumption. There are also significant sustainability benefits for end users: When used in tire treads, PPG Agilon silica also improves fuel efficiency and traction and extends treadwear.

“PPG Agilon silica products are engineered to extend the tyre industry’s ‘magic triangle’ including lowering rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency, increasing traction for improved safety and handling and durable construction that extends the useful life of tyres,” said Anurag Raj, PPG Customer Sustainability Business Partner, Specialty Coatings and Materials. “The new research shows that PPG Agilon silica can play an even more important role in the transition to sustainable mobility and contribution towards multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

The research was presented by Lucas Dos Santos, PPG Researcher, Specialty Coatings and Materials, at the recent Tire Tech Expo in Hanover, Germany. To read the complete research report, click here.

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