PPG reveals drivers’ choice

15 December 2016

PPG has released its annual automotive colour popularity data, which reveal consumers, again, preferred cars with a neutral colour. More than 75% of 2016 vehicles built globally were white, black, grey or silver. White remained the most popular global vehicle colour at 38%, up from 35% yr-on-yr. Black (16%), silver (12%) and grey (10%) rounded out the top automotive colours worldwide. And although PPG research found that nearly 60% of USA and European consumers identified colour as a major factor in their vehicle-buying decisions, the popularity of blue, green, natural and red vehicles remained unchanged from last year.

North America: White (25%) eclipsed black and silver (tied at 19%), grey (12%) and red and blue (tied at 10%).

South America: White (37%) was close to the global popularity level, with silver (29%) a strong second. Black (12%), grey (10%) and red (8%) rounded out the top five.

Europe: White (33%) was followed by grey (18%), black (16%), silver (10%), blue (8%), and natural and red (tied at 7%).

Asia Pacific: White (47%) led by a larger margin than in any other region, while black (14%), natural (11%), silver (10% ) and red (7%) trailed.

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