PPG video describes benefits of premixed and frozen sealant for aerospace uses

19 June 2017

A new video by PPG describes the cost-saving, quality and efficiency benefits of premixed and frozen PRC and PRO-SEAL aerospace sealants over mixing two-part sealants. According to Jason Boast, PPG Sealant Segment Manager for the Americas, the two-minute video explains how the same sealants customers already use can be premixed, quick frozen and then shipped globally in dry ice that they simply thaw and apply.

"Aerospace sealants are commonly provided as a bulk kit with the base and accelerator in separate containers that customers mix before using,” Boast said. "Mixing by hand takes an average of seven to 10 minutes per kit, with no assurance of consistency and up to 70% of sealant wasted. Premixed and frozen sealants are supplied ready to use and require no mixing. They are custom packaged in sizes that are optimal for the application, enabling the end user to dispense exactly what is needed as opposed to mixing a whole cartridge and having excess waste.”

Premixed and frozen sealants are supplied from PPG’s 16 application support centres that are located around the world. The two components are mixed thoroughly and properly to maintain application and performance properties. PPG completes robust testing of the mixed product to make sure every package meets customer expectations. Frozen products are shipped in special containers that maintain the correct storage temperature during shipping.

Boast noted that customers have more packaging options with premixed and frozen sealant, instead of being limited by the two-component kits. PPG’s premixed and frozen sealants can be supplied in a wide range of sizes from three milliliters up to 350 milliliters, or more, per container.

The video about PPG premixed and frozen sealant is posted on the PPG aerospace website atwww.ppgaerospace.com/Products/Sealants/Customized-Sealant-Solutions-(CSS)/PRC®-Pre-mixed-and-Frozen-(PMF).aspx and on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_0fU_I8puQ&feature=youtu.be

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