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21 January 2015

Low-VOC surfactant for waterborne coatings

With the increasing regulations worldwide limiting the use of volatile organic compounds (VOC), coating manufacturers face increased investment in reforming existing systems and designing new systems. Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc has introduced Strodex FT-68, a low-VOC surfactant for waterborne architectural coatings.

Strodex FT-68 is the next generation of award-winning Strodex FT-428. It does not include alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO) and can significantly reduce VOCs. With this surfactant, paint producers can lower or eliminate the glycol content in their formulations, thus making the paint more environmentally friendly. Strodex FT-68 surfactant is designed to impart superior stability to latex paints, including freeze-thaw, as well as mechanical stability.

Extend your blue to red

Nubiola has introduced Nubicoat HRD, a highly reddish ultramarine blue for coatings. It provides a unique reddish undertone that is unmatchable by any other existing alternative pigments, including their combinations, which allows extending a blue colour card towards new reddish shades.

Nubicoat HRD can also enhance the bluish undertone of black paints based on yellowish Carbon Blacksand it maintains the bluish undertone and reduces the cost of formulations containing bluish Carbon Blacks as well. Nubicoat HRD is also a cost efficient solution to tint whites, as it gives a clean, neutral white shade with a very low dosage (few ppm).

Small but very bright

Visitors at last month’s ChinaCoat were introduced to Sun Chemical’s fine particle size aluminium flakes in the Benda-Lutz Maxal EC range. The two products offer a high level of brightness unusual for their small size, while providing the same industry-leading stain resistance offered by the line’s state-of-the-art EC encapsulation technology.

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