Proviron and Reverdia collaboration

01 October 2012

A collaboration between Proviron and Reverdia has resulted in the introduction of Provichem® 2511 Eco, a Di-Methyl-Succinate (DMS) that can be used as a solvent and a raw material for fine chemicals such as pigments and UV stabilizers. Biosuccinium™ is made from renewable resources and has a much better carbon footprint than several other fossil based chemicals – such as adipic acid or the petrochemical version of succinic acid.
As a result, Provichem® 2511 Eco enables customers to improve the sustainability characteristics of their products.

Biosuccinium™ based DMS, finds use in various applications such as pigments, UV stabilizers, solvents, flavours and fragrances. The unique features of DMS based pigments make them suitable candidates for usage in a large number of products such as inks, coatings, plastics, textiles and even in paints. Solvents made with DMS have good paint removal properties and they offer a potential sustainable alternative to dibasic ester (DBE) solvents or other fossil-based solvents.

Proviron’s Provichem® 2511 Eco will be produced in Belgium and commercial volumes are available now. Biosuccinium™ will be produced in the world’s first large scale commercial plant for renewable succinic acid, in Cassano Spinola, Italy. This plant is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2012. Representative samples and larger volumes are already available.

Wim Michiels, CEO of Proviron, commented: "This agreement is a perfect match with our mission to be a global supplier of renewable and sustainable solutions for specialty market challenges. Reverdia, having developed a unique proprietary yeast technology to convert sugars into succinic acid, is the best partner to work with for the development of derivatives from bio-based succinic acid. We believe this technology is able to provide bio-based succinic acid with the best-in-class quality, sustainability profile and economics. Various customers have already approved our Biosuccinium™ based Provichem® 2511 Eco samples, and they are now scaling-up. This is a very good start for the commercialization of this genuine "green” product and we see many more opportunities in the pipeline. We are also working on other Biosuccinium™ based derivatives, fitting well with our area of expertise and market focus.”

Will van den Tweel, General Manager of Reverdia, commented: "This collaboration is based on great chemistry between the people of Proviron and Reverdia as well as great chemistry for a more sustainable world. Proviron supports the growth of Reverdia by developing interesting chemical derivatives of Biosuccinium™. Proviron has strong expertise in a wide variety of potential derivatives for Biosuccinium™ and this partnership supports the market leadership position of Reverdia being a supplier of biobased succininc acid.”

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