Reactive Surfaces additive technology combines with marine coatings technology

19 April 2012

Advanced Polymer Coatings (Avon OH) and Reactive Surfaces (Austin TX) have agreed to combine the marine coatings technology of ADVANCED with the surface-modifying additive technology of REACTIVE in order to offer an environmentally-benign, bio-based, functional marine coating to the maritime industry designed to meet or exceed efficacy of current marine coatings.
APC is a market leader in coatings for marine superstructure and tank coatings, including its ChemLine® and MarineLine® coatings, and with this venture will expand its lines into marine coatings for submersed surfaces. Reactive is a leader in the field of bio-based additives that bring stable functionality to coated surfaces, including its self-degreasing additive DeGreez™, self-decontaminating additive OPDtox® and antimicrobial additive ProteCoat®. Testing will be accomplished using a number of different bio-based additives, in a variety of polymer systems, in a variety of marine environments, simulating both stationary structures and under way surfaces, and culminating within 12 months with on-ship testing.
See Reactive Surfaces at the American Coatings Show in Indianapolis May 8-10.

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