REDA Chemicals at the Middle East Coatings Show: Your sustainable distribution partner

16 April 2024

REDA Chemicals, a leading distributor of speciality chemicals throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa, is delighted to announce its participation at the Middle East Coatings Show 2024 (MECS) for the 30th consecutive year.

REDA’s team of over 750 dedicated professionals, encompassing sales, technical and logistics specialists, across more than 30+ countries, is committed to providing expert guidance on optimising your supply chain. We ensure the availability of raw materials for your industry in our strategically located warehouses throughout your countries and assist our partners by helping them enhance product quality through formulation optimisation. This approach improves not just the product’s performance but also, in many cases, cost-effectiveness. We facilitate cross-fertilisation of technologies by bringing the latest trends from advanced countries to developing regions helping our customers enhance their product catalogue.


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On the occasion of MECS 2024, REDA wants to reaffirm its commitment to sustainability in Coatings, Constructions & Inks Industry. Our aim is to promote and assist the industry in adopting more environmentally friendly solutions for existing formulations by offering green chemistries, water-based products, as well as heavy metal free chemistries.

At REDA Chemicals, we source products from companies aligned with sustainability and are progressing towards achieving goals as per the ESG policies. We remain steadfast in our target to reduce carbon footprint in each region of our operations. We are committed to continuous improvement, regularly reviewing our ESG action plans and KPIs, ensuring responsible and ethical operations. This dedication is recognised by our achievement of a “COMMITTED” EcoVadis Sustainability Rating, awarded in March 2024.

From small local producers to major multinational corporations, companies trust REDA to supply speciality chemicals that enhance the value of their brands. Beyond mere distribution, REDA becomes a partner in your success.

Join us at MECS 2024! We look forward to discussing your specific needs and exploring how we can contribute to your projects and collaborate towards building a sustainable future. 

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