Rockwood Companies Co-Exhibit At Chinacoat 2011

14 November 2011

Rockwood Pigments will showcase new additions to its signature synthetic Iron Oxide range – including low viscosity yellows and a unique orange shade, Ferroxide 204M – alongside its heat stable and high purity grade. Rockwood’s specialist ultramarine business, Holliday Pigments, is focusing on its high transparency (TR) and high gloss (HG) fine grades for special effects coatings applications, as well as the acid resisting ‘super-durable’ Premier XAR for powder coatings.

Rockwood turns up the heat
Leading with its high performance offering, Rockwood is promoting its low viscosity, heat stable and high purity pigments for heavy duty and more specialist coatings applications.

Low viscosity – Ideal for concentrated colorant tinting systems, Rockwood Pigments’ new low viscosity yellows can achieve optimum dispersion with shorter mill times, lower surfactant demand and consistent grinding performance.

High temperature – Ferritan™ and Mapico ranges – encompassing Tan and Jet Black shades – can be effectively used as an extender for costly organics and withstand temperatures exceeding 400°C.

High purity – FDA and cGMP compliant, Rockwood’s high purity iron oxide pigments are particularly suited to specialist ink, cosmetic and coatings uses.

Also offering high performance properties, Chromium Oxide Green – a complete range of durable green pigments; Solaplex® – an eco-friendly alternative to traditional heavy metal pigments occupying the yellow and orange color space; and Colourplex® _ Rockwood’s classic mixed metal oxide range designed for the most demanding coatings – are also being promoted.

Holliday Pigments’ technical grades for powder coatings
In-line with market demand, Holliday Pigments is presenting its latest technical grade development for high performance in super-durable powder coating formulations.

For specifiers and designers requiring excellent weathering resistance, the company’s unique red shade blue ultramarines are now available in surface treated form. Using the latest silica encapsulation technology to render the Ultramarine both acid resistant and more photo-stable, Holliday Pigments’ Premier XAR can be used in powder coatings for its unrivaled durability. Well received by customers operating in high-tech sectors, there has been notable interest and uptake across the Asia Pacific region.

Also featuring at Chinacoat, Holliday Pigments will be showcasing its fine particle size grades for special effect coatings. Ultramarine TR allows crystal clear transparency in suitable resins, and Ultramarine HG can help achieve a truly high gloss finish. In both instances, careful control of the particle size and particle size distribution (PSD) allows the production of easy-to-disperse, high color strength pigments.

Rockwood Pigments and Holliday Pigments are also sharing the stand with two key sister companies, Rockwood Additives and Sachtleben.

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