Rockwood exhibiting at Chinacoat

23 October 2013

Rockwood Color Pigments and Holliday Pigments are jointly exhibiting at the 18th Chinacoat exhibition to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) in November.

Three Rockwood companies will be in attendance, Rockwood Pigments, Holliday Pigments and Sachtleben.

Rockwood Pigments is focusing on its Lead-free replacement colors and Holliday Pigments will be launching a new Ultramarine blue pigment, Grade 71, alongside new Ultramarine violets Premier VSB, VSR and Ultramarine pink PX.

Rockwood Pigments’ eco-friendly pigments

Rockwood Pigments, a leading manufacturer of advanced high performance inorganic pigments, will be exhibiting its Solaplex® range of eco-friendly yellow and orange inorganic pigments, for full or part replacement of traditional heavy metal pigments. Solaplex® has been granted a Food Contact Notification (FCN 1252) by the FDA, effective April 3 2013, which opens up new formulating options in colored Coatings, Plastics and Construction related applications that demand high performance or indirect food contact. Rockwood’s comprehensive range of synthetic heat-stable yellow, orange and red iron oxides combine uniquely with Solaplex® pigments to optimise the properties of concentrated heavy metal free formulations, keeping formulation costs to a minimum. Formulation advice is available on request.

Rockwood Pigments’ inorganic pigments for coatings

Rockwood is promoting its range of pigments and pigment dispersions suitable for general purpose, heavy duty use and more specialist coatings applications such as high temperature and wood care.
High temperature – Solaplex®, Ferritan™ and Mapico® ranges –Yellow, Tan and Jet Black shades – can be effectively used as an extender for costly organics and withstand temperatures exceeding 400°C.
High performance – Trans-Oxide® Pigments – transparent iron oxide pigments, available in Red, Yellow or Brown. Manufactured with needle-shaped particles that will not scatter light even when fully dispersed, they exhibit exceptional transparency and yet still are able to impart high color strength and protective weather resistance and UV-barrier properties.
Multiple function – Disperfin® and Timbasol® dispersions for wood, suitable for internal and external use, compatible with a wide range of solvent and water based media. At high pigment loading and tint strength, they exhibit excellent transparency and offer the formulator ability to produce a wide color palette, with the added benefit of excellent lightfastness, weatherability and UV protection.

Also being promoted: Colourplex® – Rockwood’s well-established mixed metal oxide range designed for the most demanding coatings, including the latest technology in IR reflective ‘cool’ coatings for sustainable and innovative building design.

Holliday Pigments’ Ultramarine Grade 71

Following customer feedback and a change in regulation, Holliday Pigments’ latest pigment has been developed for use in children’s toy applications. Ultramarine Grade 71 enables customers to continue using ultramarine blues in complete confidence for the most demanding liquid and sticky toy category in the recently updated European Safety of Toys: Directive 2009/48/EC which came into effect on 20 July 2013.

Ultramarine violet and pink ranges

Within the Ultramarine Violet colour space, Holliday Pigments’ Premier VSB is a Violet, Strong Blue shade pigment and Premier VSR is a Violet, Strong, Red shade. Both grades exhibit a 20% higher tinting strength compared to existing industry standard pigments.

Similarly, Premier PX is a new Ultramarine Pink that extends the tinting strength of Holliday Pigments’ truly unique red shade inorganic offering by a further 10%.

Also featuring at Chinacoat, Holliday Pigments will be showcasing its fine particle size grades for special effect coatings. Ultramarine TR allows crystal clear transparency in suitable resins, and Ultramarine HG can help achieve an optimal high gloss finish. In both instances, careful control of the particle size and particle size distribution (PSD) allows the production of easy-to-disperse, high color strength pigments.

Rockwood Pigments and Holliday Pigments are also sharing the stand with one key sister company, Sachtleben

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