Sartomer unveils its latest innovative acrylates

25 September 2013

Sartomer, part of Arkema group, is exhibiting at the RadTech Europe 2013 show in Basel, Switzerland, from October 15 to 17 2013 (booth 16), where you can discover the latest developments for UV/EB curable speciality acrylates.

A key leader in high performance UV curable acrylates, Sartomer demonstrates its ongoing commitment in the coating and graphic arts industries, with the following developments:

• Innovative acrylates designed to answer the changing technical and regulatory requirements in most applications (food packaging, wood coating…):
o Bisphenol A, Tin, PETiA free solutions
o Low Migration range (LM)
o SARBIO ®, based on renewable raw materials

• Unique chemistry to meet high performance features:
o Adhesion
o Barrier properties
o Dual cure
o High toughness
o Low viscosity
o Outdoor resistance
o Scratch resistance
o Soft-touch

Learn more about Sartomer speciality acrylates at the conferences from its R&D team:

• How to minimise the water impact on UV cured formulations?
Dr Catherine Leroy, Wednesday 16th October at 12.05 – 12.30 h

• Pathways towards a Bisphenol A free UV/EB curing technology
Charles Bourrousse, Thursday 17th October at 15.05 – 12.30 h

• High performance speciality monomers to improve specific properties of UV formulations
Dr Christophe Vergé, Thursday 17th October at 11.45 – 12.10 h

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