SATRA Within REACH quarterly newsletter launched

22 September 2011

Every product manufactured and brought to market in Europe is, in some way, affected by European chemicals regulations. This is now enforced by the REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals).
SATRA found that many suppliers, manufacturers, importers and retailers were not fully aware of all REACH requirements and the implications for their products. There is a wealth of information out there but often it makes the Regulation more confusing for the business man or woman who just wants to know the essentials: am I responsible, how am I responsible, what do I need to do for the least cost and effort?

SATRA has been hosting seminars and practical workshops on restricted substances throughout the world for a number of years. Most recently seminars were held in Dongguan and Zhuhai in China during which one of the key updates was explained, namely the introduction of sunset dates for six chemicals including three phthalate plasticisers used in flexible PVC materials. These three compounds will be banned from used in goods imported into the EU from 2015.

The seminars were led by John Hubbard who is technical editor for Within REACH. At the launch of the publication he commented "SATRA has been helping its customers with the implications of REACH legislation for a number of years. As well as seminars and practical workshops, we also provide advice on appropriate product testing, bringing compliant product to market, and company-specific consultancy and on-going support. The Within REACH publication is the next logical step in the process."

Subscription to Within REACH is for SATRA members who will be able to subscribe online and read back issues and other REACH-related content.

Non-members can receive one current issue of Within REACH. In the first instance, please email expressing your interest

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