Self-disinfecting coating applied on lift buttons at Changi Airport to reduce COVID-19 spread

27 April 2020

Changi Airport Group’s (CAG) philanthropic arm, Changi Foundation has applied sdst, a self-disinfecting coating, on frequently touched surfaces in Changi Airport. Eco-friendly and safe, the coating safeguards against viruses, bacteria and fungi. It stays effective for three months without the need for reapplication during this period.

sdst is a broad-spectrum coating comprising a modified quaternary ammonium compound. Approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, its self-disinfecting function mimics antimicrobial compounds, which kill germs upon contact. The sdst coating is effective in two ways: firstly, it has a needle-like structure that ruptures the outer membrane of viruses, bacteria and fungi, thereby reducing their ability to infect. Secondly, proprietary bonding agents in the coating allow it to adhere tightly to surfaces at a molecular level, such that even with repeated scrubbing and cleaning, the coating does not leach and remains effective for as long as three months. It is safe on human skin.

Jayson Goh, Managing Director of Airport Operations Management, CAG said, "Through this initiative together with the town councils, we want to share the benefits of the sdst coating with the wider Singapore community. This additional layer of protection will complement existing stepped-up cleaning efforts by the town councils and help raise the hygiene level at common areas like the lifts of public housing.”

Dr Teo Ho Pin, Co-ordinating Chairman of PAP Town Councils said, "We have stepped up efforts to clean and disinfect our blocks to reduce bacteria and virus transmission in view of COVID-19 situation. The use of this new protective self-disinfecting coating on our lift buttons will further reduce bacteria and virus transmission. As hard objects may scrape the coating off, we seek users’ co-operation not to press the buttons with pointed objects, such as keys.”

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