Shepherd Color announces new blue pigment

19 April 2022

Shepherd Color has announced the launch of its new speciality Cobalt Aluminate Blue 20G599. This new red-shade blue has the highest red (a*) value and bluest (-b*) masstone values for the maximum chromaticity possible compared to other blue pigments when matching colours. With a large leap in colour performance, Max Chroma Blue is a C.I. Pigment Blue 28 with world-wide registrations and a broad range of regulatory approvals.

In naming this new blue, what stood out was its chromaticity maximum value; hence ‘Max-Chroma’ or MC Blue was born. MC are also the initials of the Shepherd Color R&D Chemist, Dr Matt Comstock, who developed the product.

Anticipated uses for Max Chroma Blue 20G599 are high-performance coatings such as coil & extrusion, automotive, industrial, architectural, powder and other coatings. It can also be used in plastics and engineering polymers, and gel coatings. Additional characteristics include:

  • Redder than comparable products
  • More chromatic masstone colour
  • High temperature stability
  • Compatible with special effect pigments
  • Excellent inherent durability for exterior applications

This new pigment is an example of Shepherd Color’s R&D expertise and decades of developing and optimising cobalt blue pigments for the plastic and coating industries.

Shepherd Color has more than 90 years of experience developing, optimising, and manufacturing an extraordinary range of complex inorganic colour pigments. This pigment addition adds to their extensive colour options in the blue colour space.

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