Simplifying food safety: easily find food contact compliant additives with Clariant’s new offering

31 March 2023

To help customers fulfill the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance, as well as ease ingredient selection, Clariant has launched a new package for the coatings sector that assists in the research of additives compliant with the most relevant food contact regulations.

There are three key complementary elements to the new package, ensuring different views and areas of focus, providing a holistic approach with easy access to information in one place. It includes an interactive selection tool, an overview table, and food contact reports with detailed regulatory information such as Substance Migration Limits (SMLs).

The interactive tool allows customers to select most relevant regulations and find compliant additive products out of the Clariant portfolio. These search results link directly to individual product pages that also give access to food contact reports with comprehensive details on each additive. In addition, a downloadable selection guide is available to offer users a standardised solution where all screened products and regulations are shown in a table format.

“Safety and regulatory compliance are important criteria when you choose ingredients and at Clariant we want to give you the confidence to select our products when it comes to food contact applications,” said Sebastian Prock, Clariant’s Head of Global Marketing Industrial Applications. “Thanks to our new interactive selection tool and the three complementary elements of our package, customers have easy access to our product portfolio fulfilling regulatory needs,” he continued.

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