Solutions for improved environmental protection and greater sustainability

24 January 2023

ASK Chemicals, supplier of high-performance resins and materials, will be showcasing its latest developments for eco-friendly coatings solutions at the upcoming European Coatings Show.

The resin specialist ASK Chemicals presents solutions to meet current and future sustainability challenges for formulators committed to sustainability, worker protection and product performance. At this year’s ECS, the company will exhibit its developments for improved environmental protection and greater sustainability. In addition to solutions for traditional paint and coating applications, such as wood, corrosion protection and metal coatings, the Hilden-based company will also feature its innovative ASKOCOATTM technology to produce controlled release fertilisers (CRF).

For next generation water-based wood stains

NECOWELTM FLE 55 R/LR is a new generation of copolymer resin emulsion based on vegetable oils. Drying time and early-water resistance of the resin system are improved using a cobalt-free siccative formulation while wetting and penetration properties of the corresponding wood stain remain superior. The very good wetting properties and the lowviscosity resin phase of NECOWEL FLE products boost the natural wood colour and supports also the desired wood-warming effect. The appearance matches that of the solvent-based systems, with the advantage that NECOWEL FLE products are fully VOC and SVOC-free. The products from the NECOWEL FLE series are recommended to formulating wood stains for inside and outside applications.

Excellent stain blocking properties

NECOWEL™ 4350 has been developed to support formulators’ ambition to produce more sustainable products. The new alkyd resin is based on a high level of renewable raw materials and, as both a bio-based and VOC-free stain-blocking binder, it is the ideal candidate for formulating efficient and environmentally sound interior paints. The newly developed NECOWEL4350 is highly effective in binding all types of impurities. It efficiently prevents bleeding and thus helps to achieve flawless interior wall-paint finishes.

Quantum leap in flow behaviour

By developing NECOWELTM 5110, a rheological modified alkyd resin emulsion based on renewable raw materials, ASK Chemicals has succeeded in significantly improving the flow properties of waterborne coatings. Its stronger Newtonian-flow behaviour and extended open time combine excellent flow properties with ease of handling, making NECOWEL 5110 ideally suited as a binding agent for trim paints. With NECOWEL 5110, waterborne coatings can be formulated that are in no way inferior to traditional solventborne alkyd resin-based coatings in terms of gloss and rheological behaviour.

Proprietary controlled release technology

A sustainable contribution to increasing the efficiency of fertiliser granules is provided by the proprietary ASKOCOATTM technology from ASK Chemicals. The unique technology enables the production of polymer-coated fertilisers with controlled nutrient release properties, applicable to all types of granules. The ASKOCOAT technology is a 2K polyurethane system where the polyol formulation contains more than 60% renewable raw materials. Both components are solvent-free and contain only reactive ingredients, preventing leaching of the coating components into the soil. Depending on the process parameters and the coating thickness, ASKOCOAT technology is able to adjust the nutrient release properties during a period of 2-12 months.

ASK Chemicals will be displaying its solutions for greater sustainability in Hall 1, Booth 461.

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