Stahl introduces sensory coatings for next-level packaging applications

28 April 2022

Stahl, an active proponent of responsible chemistry, has announced the launch of Stahl Sensora®, a portfolio of high-performance coatings for packaging, designed to offer a unique sensory experience. The five Sensora products use Stahl’s proprietary PolyMatte® technology, a polyurethane dispersion method for creating water-based, custom-made coatings at the pinnacle of aesthetics, performance, and sustainability.

The sense of touch can generate a strong emotional response that has been shown to play a role in consumer purchasing behaviours. With the Sensora® portfolio, Stahl offers customers the chance to differentiate their products by more than appearance alone. The specialists in Stahl’s haptic testing team identified the most desirable sensations for paper and film packaging (including BOPP and PET), resulting in the development of the five Sensora coatings. Each one has its own sensory profile – either velvety, rubbery, silky, dry, or textured – opening up a wide range of possible packaging applications, from luxury items and technology to cosmetics and food and drink.

The Sensora range has been created in line with Stahl’s sustainable development strategy, with the responsible chemistry of the PolyMatte technology underpinning each of the new products. PolyMatte forms a smooth, matte surface structure, cutting out the need for fillers, while also providing top-quality scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and flexibility. This ensures the Sensora coatings keep their unique character for longer, whether they are applied by offset printing, flexography, or rotogravure printing.

Kahina Ouchaou, Market Manager Film & Paper: "The Sensora portfolio is an exciting new addition to the Stahl family of performance coatings, enabling our customers to easily add a new dimension to their packaging. After sight, touch is the sense through which we take in most information about the world around us, so tactile coatings are an ideal way for customers to make their products stand out in a crowded marketplace. With five different coatings to choose from, our customers will be sure to find the perfect touch experience for their brand.”

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