Stain-resistant clear coat for light-coloured electronic devices

19 August 2016

PPG has introduced Velvecron SR (stain-resistant) coating, the first coating successfully engineered to prevent staining of white and light-coloured consumer and mobile electronic devices, such as tablets, smartphones and e-readers.

Based on proprietary PPG resin and pigment technologies, the coating is a clear, two-component urethane topcoat designed for application to primed white plastic and mixed metal substrates. It offers exceptional resistance to staining caused by daily exposure to foods, oils, liquids and lotions, while imparting a velvety feel to mobile device housings and keypads. It has been successfully trialled by a well-known global consumer electronics manufacturer and will be highlighted in a major device rollout by the company in 2016 focusing on the product’s white colour.

The coating exceeds industry benchmarks for durability and stain resistance and it can be sprayed over white basecoats at thicknesses of 20-25µm less than half the film-build needed with conventional soft-touch coatings. This can help manufacturers reduce material costs and accelerate curing to curb energy use and improve throughput. It is also more flexible than hard UV-cure coatings.

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