Sun Chemical expands edible ink range

17 March 2022

Sun Chemical is expanding its edible ink range with the launch of its FSR ink, which was developed to meet the specific needs of the food industry and verified for printing directly onto food including baked goods.

Created to offer outstanding colour and sharpness, while also complying with the highest levels of quality and safety regulations, Sun Chemical’s FSR ink range is based on synthetic colourants suitable for use for direct food printing using mid-viscosity range piezo printheads, such as the Ricoh GH2220 digital printhead. This completes a series of digital edible inks, complementing the existing low and high viscosity FSE and FSS lines, to enable food decoration with a full range of digital printhead technologies.

The FSR range of inks has been developed using carefully selected synthetic food dyes that conform to FDA and EU legislation and is suitable for food printing when used in the right conditions for food production. The technology is also suitable for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets such as printing on pills and capsules. Sun Chemical is collaborating with printer manufacturers specifically targeting the food and pharmaceutical industries, highlighting the need to provide the market a fully capable and innovative food printing technology.

The launch supports the current trend of food customisation, presenting brands, from small bakeries to industrial production for leading brands, with the opportunity to add unique value and visual appeal to products.

Sergio Molto, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Food and Pharma Inks, Sun Chemical, comments: “We are seeing substantial growth in the personalised packaging market, with the latest trend being toward customisation of the food product itself – particularly baked goods. This development marks a clear step forward for adding significant value within this industry for brands and consumers alike. Sun Chemical, together with DIC Corporation, has an ongoing commitment to developing solutions for the food and nutrition industry to add colour through innovation. Product safety and print quality were critical objectives in the development of these products to ensure consumer protection and maintenance of converter and brand reputations. The range combines an in-depth understanding of food with deep knowledge of the digital printing market to deliver a high-quality and safe solution for customers. Sun Chemical continues to innovate and work with partners to bring new inks and solutions to the market within this field.”

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