Sustainable technology for a clean environment

19 August 2013

Lanxess will host its first Pigments Symposium on November 22, 2013 under the topic ‘sustainable technology for a clean environment’ in Shanghai in conjunction with the renowned tradeshow ChinaCoat.

The day-long conference will be focused on the sustainable production of inorganic pigments as well as global trends and development in the coatings and pigments industries. Lanxess will also inform about a major step forward in Penniman Red technology and of the important innovations we have recently developed in this field. Roughly 150 participants from the industry, academia, media and associations are expected to join alongside with Lanxess executives and experts. The event will start with high-profile speakers who will discuss the latest topics and trends in sustainable technology, rounded off with panel discussions and plenary sessions.

The conference offers high-level exchange of knowledge on state-of-the-art pigments technology and product applications. It also provides unique opportunities for networking with industry experts and peers.

"We value sustainable products and processes as a key for the continuous success not only for our business but also for our partners and customers,” said Joerg Hellwig, Head of the Lanxess Inorganic Pigments business unit. "Having a track record for 87 years, we are playing a pioneering role in the further development of the most environmentally friendly pigment manufacturing processes.”

In China, the company is building up a new facility for premium iron oxide red pigments in Ningbo, using state-of-art process to ensure high environmental compatibility by optimising water treatment and waste gas cleaning. The plant, characterised by its particularly high energy efficiency, is designed to meet and exceed the latest environmental standards. The plant will have an initial production capacity of 25,000 tons.

Lanxess uses the most advanced international standards on environmental protection in all its production facilities worldwide. Taking Lanxess’ Jinshan site in Shanghai as an example, advanced techniques are employed to reduce 1333 tons of CO2 emissions and save 290,000 tons of industrial water annually.

"In addition to the advanced production process, Lanxess inorganic pigment’s brands like the Bayferrox® products are environmental friendly and harmless to humans and are the first choice when it comes to coloring materials in an ecologically friendly manner,” added Hellwig.

For more details on the event, please access the website:

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