Swiss SGE Sagl appointed as IGL Coatings’ Exclusive Distributor

10 October 2023

Recognised for sustainable innovation and quality, ‘Marine Solutions’ by IGL Coatings takes a significant leap into the marine industry: IGL Coatings has appointed SGE Sagl, a Swiss leader in boat care and maintenance, as its exclusive distributor, granting SGE Sagl sole distributorship rights in Switzerland. This strategic collaboration fills a growing demand for environmentally friendly boat care products in the Swiss nautical arena.

Through this appointment, IGL amplifies its European and Swiss presence, harnessing new growth opportunities for the Malaysian company. SGE Sagl’s in-depth and local expertise in the Swiss boating and marine industry introduces IGL’s sustainability focused products to Switzerland, the home to some of the world’s most beautiful lakes and prestigious yacht clubs in the world.

Across Europe, the recreational boating sector employs around 280,000 employees with a market size of more than USD 14.5 billion. With sustainability being crucial in the industry to preserve the long-term employment and growth opportunities, small and medium enterprises, such as maintenance and detailing companies, play an important role in maintaining and preserving marine environments.


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The Rise of sustainable boating industry

The Swiss boating industry is now focusing on sustainability more than ever. Debuting IGL’s Marine Solutions at the Nassa Boat Show, Lugano, the company has its sights set on establishing itself amongst the growing companies in the sustainable boating industry; part of the United Nations Global Compact Strategy.

“It’s imperative for the entire industry, from shipyards to engineers and detailers, to work together in preserving marine environments. This can be done through implementing sustainable solutions, like IGL’s Marine Solutions, introducing lower VOCs, greener formulas and more, our end goal is to be one of the sustainable protective solution providers in the region,” shared Keong Chun Chieh, CEO and Founder of IGL Coatings.

Some of the key features in IGL’s sustainability performance planning include the reduction of toxic and heavy metals materials. IGL also focuses on the reduction of VOC’s and the research of sustainable raw materials, including the use of bio resins in its products. Additionally, IGL’s commitment to continous educational efforts on the maintenance and cleaning practices of its consumers. 

IGL Coatings’ Marine Solutions integrates performance with eco-consciousness, providing Swiss boat owners peace of mind. Sustainable cleaning products, surface treatments and ceramic protective coatings offer environmentally conscious boat owners and operators an easy and effective way to maintain their vessels in a more responsible manner.

Swiss maritime enthusiasts can now enjoy superior access to IGL’s advanced, sustainable product range alongside local Swiss service, support and expertise from SGE Sagl.

SGE Sagl – A beacon of Swiss maritime quality and sustainability

SGE Sagl expertise and skill has carved itself out a significant niche in Switzerland’s maritime sector, offering comprehensive services, ranging from boat care consultation to hands-on maintenance training. Under the helm of Ing. Federico Franchini, SGE Sagl embodies an unwavering commitment to sustainability and a shared vision with IGL Coatings ~ towards a cleaner, greener Swiss boating industry.

IGL Coatings and SGE Sagl strive to craft innovative solutions that echo the evolving sustainability trends of the Swiss maritime sector, leveraging the growing Swiss eco-tourism, sustainability practices, and technological breakthroughs, setting a precedence for eco-responsible boat care in Switzerland.

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