Technopol introduces its strongest and most durable OS10 car park waterproofing solution to date

20 January 2023

Tecnopol has developed a new waterproofing system based on Tecnocoat P-2049 pure polyurea membrane to be used for protecting road surfaces from heavy traffic.

The system has recently been tested and approved with the OS10 seal, in accordance with the German Concrete Protection and Repair Standard.

The new waterproofing system is excellent at bridging cracks and cures extremely quickly, with surfaces being ready for use in just 24 hours.

The combination of Tecnocoat P-2049 polyurea with the Tecnotop S-3000 aliphatic coating based on manually-applied pure polyurea, makes the system an excellent comprehensive coating that offers elastic and durable waterproofing, while offering exceptional crack bridging and zero surface wear, which are the primary requirements for this type of intensive use.

Tecnopol’s new OS 10 rated system is therefore ideal for car park roofs, especially those exposed to the elements or susceptible to cracking, or areas that undergo heavy use, such as large shopping malls or industrial sites

When it comes to constructing or repairing underground or multi-level car parks, the main concerns are for the reinforced concrete to be sufficiently protected against chloride and moisture penetration, and for all cracks, gaps and joints to be fully watertight. In addition to the need for robust and durable solutions, when it comes to refurbishment, there is also the need for minimal interference and downtime, so that the car park can be up and running again quickly. Tecnopol’s recently tested and certified multilayer surface protection system OS 10 meets all these requirements.

Waterproof, resistant, fast and excellent crack bridging

A fast application and drying system with excellent results, ready in only 3 coats and with a total dry film thickness of only 4.6 mm.

This OS 10 system has undergone all the necessary testing to obtain this certification, including very demanding tests such as tensile strength, displacement resistance, crack bridging, parking abrasion wear, etc., obtaining excellent results in all of them:

Tensile strength of the joint (pull-out test): The tensile strength was tested in accordance with DIN EN 1542, with an average result of 3.6MPa, more than double the required average value (1.5MPa).

Tensile bond strength after thermal cycling with de-icing salt immersion: As with the previous test, the result is highly impressive, obtaining an average value of 3.1MPa (required average value 1.5MPa).

Skid resistance: The values obtained in this test range from 41Skt before use of the system, to 60Skt after use and wear. The values are within OS 10 parameters.

Dynamic crack bridging: After testing, no cracks were observed on the surface and the membrane remained completely intact over cracks with an expansion width of 22, 32.5 and 33mm.

Abrasion in car parks: After 15,000 rotation cycles on the surface by a tyre loaded with a 500kg weight, the abrasion result was classified as VK1 (very low wear), the best possible classification that can be obtained in this type of test, demonstrating that this system offers maximum resistance to abrasion.

All these tests confirm the exceptional hardness and resistance of Tecnopol’s OS 10 system, guaranteeing a long service life. They also demonstrate its suitability for the construction or repair of parking or vehicular traffic surfaces, in short, any parking roof that is susceptible to cracking.

The TECNOTOP S-3000 aliphatic polyurea finish also makes this system totally resistant to ultraviolet radiation, so it can be applied on any surface, whether covered or outdoors.

None of the products in the system contain solvents, which means it is even suitable for use indoors, with zero environmental impact.

The system is suitable for use in a wide range of climates, as it can be used in temperatures between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius and in environments with a relative humidity of up to 85%.

All in all, the Tecnopol P-2049 system with OS 10 certification offers exceptional performance, high strength and safety, and easy application with zero margin of error, and the drying time is exceptionally fast, so it is ready for a full traffic load in just a few hours. This factor also minimises the amount of time that the car park is out of operation, saving time and money for all parties involved.

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