TEGO Airex 922 solvent- and silicone-free deaerator

24 October 2012

TEGO® Airex 922 is one of the stars of the new generation of deaerators and defoamers from Evonik. Already in use in epoxy resin-based floor coatings conforming to AgBB, it is now also recommended for other applications.

The solvent-free product is also the most effective silicone-free defoamer for various applications of industrial coatings. TEGO® Airex 922 is highly effective both in emission-free and solvent-based high-solids systems based on epoxy, PU and polyaspartics.

The high compatibility of the silicone-free product prevents smear films so that overpaintability is excellent. Besides pigmented systems, TEGO® Airex 922 is also suitable for use in clear coats where the highest demands are made on optical properties.

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