Tesla NanoCoatings overcomes Ida and COVID to return to rapid growth

18 March 2022

Tesla NanoCoatings confronted major challenges in 2021 with both hurricane Ida which impacted much of its offshore customer base and the COVID 19 outbreaks throughout the year, and still was able to return to rapid growth.

“We can point to a number of successes in 2021 that lead to these positive results,” stated Todd Hawkins, President and CEO, Tesla NanoCoatings.

The Ohio, US-based company had a very active year. The launch of NANO Non-Skid, which provides unprecedented safety protection against slip and falls, gained rapid acceptance by many offshore operators.

Malcolm Kerr, Vice President, International Sales, commented: “The combination of the success of NANO Non-Skid and our ability to gain new customers in the Gulf of Mexico, the Middle East and West Africa all contributed to this sales success”

Tesla NanoCoatings’ carbon nanotechnology was further enhanced by the addition of five patents to its already extensive portfolio of 40 patents. The two most worthy patents received in 2021 were the 2×1 Wet Edge™ a patent for its breakthrough 2×1 Wet Edge™ which is a wet-on-wet process that delivers major time and cost savings along with technologically advanced corrosion protection advantages.

Its second patent was for Super CNT. Tesla NanoCoatings’ one-coat coating is self-stratifying separating into a primer/topcoat carbon nanotube polymer laminate when applied. The self-stratifying layers produce the advantages of a tough multilayer carbon nanocoating system in one single coat, significantly improving corrosion protection, reducing costs and providing rapid return to service.

Tesla NanoCoatings, a global leader in carbon nanotechnology, added Ted Hammer as its Principal Development Scientist. As a Doctoral Research Assistant at Tesla NanoCoatings over the last three years, Hammer has been involved with various new product development projects, laboratory testing and technical service work. “Ted did an outstanding job as Doctoral Research Assistant and we’re pleased to have him join the company as a Principal Development Scientist,” stated Todd Hawkins.

The carbon nanotechnology leader finished 2021 in a strong position and is looking forward to continued success in 2022.

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