Thailand’s JBP International Paint joins forces under the ‘one world: one future together’ alliance for sustainable business practices

28 June 2023

Climate Change is causing severe environmental impacts and turbulence across the globe. Organisations and the general public are now focusing their attention on environmentally-friendly and sustainable business practices.

Mr. Sarawut Rachanakul, Chief Executive Officer of JBP International Paint and President of the Thai Paint Manufacturers Association, is one of the industry leaders to spearhead the company’s strong commitment in promoting sustainable business practices through words and actions rather than as a trend of doing business.

Realising the impacts on health and the environment from the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic and PM 2.5 air pollution in Thailand two years ago, JBP International Paint is committed to solving the problems by introducing new high-quality, environmentally and health-friendly paint products and plastic paint  containers for consumers with support from Srithai Superware, Thailand’s leading manufacturer to ensure corporate social responsibility of the product and for the Thai people.

At the end of 2022, JBP International Paint Company Limited, Thailand’s leading manufacturer and distributor of the paint industry represented by Mr. Chongkol Rachanakul, Chairman of Executive Committee, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with key business alliances : Srithai Superware Public Company Limited, CRC Thai Watsadu Company Limited, and UAC Global Public Company Limited  to collaborate on the  “One World: One Future Together” project with aims to remediate global turbulence, reduce energy usage and greenhouse gases emission and announce readiness to ensure environmentally friendly business practices and foster Thailand’s economy toward sustainable growth.

Mr. Chongkol Rachanakul, Chairman of Executive Committee of JBP International Paint, said, “Sustainable development and sufficient economy philosophy are the core principles that our company upholds and promotes to everyone in the organisation. We are concerned about the current environment issues so we want to promote the concept of the green supply chain that not only reduces environmental problems but also enhances our sustainable business practices to another level.”

Mr. Sarawut Rachanakul, Chief Executive Officer of JBP International Paint, said, “We are aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly over the next decade. We are setting goals toward the realisation of carbon neutrality by switching or transitioning to lower carbon alternatives and developing innovative environmentally friendly technology. In addition, this will continue to play a big part in shaping product development in our industry which is good for consumers and the environment that will be the way to more sustainable production models in the future.”

Mr. Chaiwat Kulphattaravanich, Executive Director of Srithai Superware, said, “Our company’s core business principles are Environment Social and Governance (ESG). We are committed to delivering environmentally friendly products and services that help to reduce greenhouse gases emission for the better quality of life of the people and the planet.”

Mr. Suthisarn Chirathivat, Chief Executive Officer of CRC Thai Watsadu, said, “At CRC Thai Watsadu,  we are ready to help deliver positive values to the society and environment by reducing energy consumption. This will set an example for the retail industry transformation to become a green retailer for sustainable business practices.”

Mr. Kitti Jivacate, Chairman of Executive Committee of UAC Global, said, “We realised the impacts of environmental and energy crises. Therefore, we are committed to building a stable and sustainable business while maintaining our responsibility for the society and environment. We are ready to join hands with all sectors in maximising benefits to the society and environment.”

The signing of this MoU signified future collaboration among four companies, whereby each business organisation will bring their own sustainable business practices to exchange with each other in order to develop, expand and introduce new innovations for products and services to promote sustainable growth.The partnership will also include the development of sustainable products which can be truly identified as a “Green Supply Chain” in the future.

The MOU signing ceremony was also witnessed by honourable guests: Mr. Sanan Angubolkul, President of the Thai Chamber of Commerce who gave opening remarks together with Mr. Yuttana Jiamtragan, Chairman of the Circular Economy and  Environmental Committee Thai Chamber of Commerce who also gave congratulatory speech and endorsement for  “One World : One Future Together” project which aims to foster sustatinable development at international level as well as to achieve objectives of social, economic and environment development for a better planet. Other notable guests presided over at the event include Mr. Korn Narongdej, Ms. Sikanya Saktidej Bhanubandh, and Mr. Akarat Wannarat.

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