Tin-free waterborne UV resin for single coat mirror effect coating from Allnex

10 February 2015

Allnex has introduced Ucecoat 7856, a waterborne energy curable polyurethane dispersion developed to deliver high gloss mirror effect coatings.
Its development was driven by the growing trend for no or low VOC coatings providing high gloss properties. While conventional waterborne systems usually show poor mirror image after one-coat application, Ucecoat 7856 allows the formulation of high gloss clear coats with superior distinctness of image obtained by single coat application.
Ideal for spray applications, its low polymer tack facilitates the handling of coated panels before curing and reduces dust pick-up, as well as surface defects. It has excellent stability and shows excellent scratch resistance and good chemical resistance, which are particularly important for topcoat applications.

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