Tintelligence is ready to transform the painting industry

18 September 2023

Fast & Fluid Management is set to go live with Tintelligence™ — unified tinting solutions.

“Years of passion and hard work have been dedicated by our team to bring Tintelligence to life, and we are thrilled to announce this exciting milestone as we go live. Our team is excited to embark on this new journey, providing unparalleled support to our first set of customers to help them unleash the true potential of Tintelligence. And this is just the beginning – we welcome everyone to experience Tintelligence as we prepare to make it available to even more customers from 2024. We look forward to sharing more about what’s to come, including new products, features, and more.”, said Ana Garcia, President Global Dispensing, IDEX Corporation.

Driven by a mission: Propel the paint tinting business

Point-of-sale tinting processes are complex and involve multiple stakeholders driving results simultaneously. There is a unique need and opportunity to enable stakeholders of the tinting business to enhance operational and commercial performance. Tintelligence empowers customers to elevate their tinting business performance by bringing state-of-the-art tinting equipment and advanced digital applications into one unified solution, enterprise-wide.

● Drive your business performance to new heights with smart technology and actionable insights

● Enhance your in-store experience with a connected and intuitive tinting solution

● Maximise fleet uptime and lower costs with remote monitoring and analytics

● Improve accuracy and sustainability with a simple and future-proof tinting solution


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Tintelligence empowers key stakeholders across the tinting value chain with a unified experience.

Business managers can fuel business growth with real-time visibility into commercial data. Gain actionable insights from data to recognise trends and strategise corrective actions. With every insight available in a single dashboard, respond to market trends quickly, optimise marketing promotions and campaigns and enhance inventory and supply chain efficiencies to meet market demands.

Fleet managers can maximise fleet uptime and reduce costs with remote fleet monitoring, smart alerts and remote machine inspection. Single dashboard view to monitor critical KPIs for equipment health, colourant condition, machine-related behaviour of the store operators and take required actions. Roll out new software or database updates for all or a few equipment in minutes.

Service engineers can ensure swift and effective maintenance with an all-in-one service management app. With remote, real-time access to machine status, service log and timeline of events, a service engineer can diagnose an equipment faster and accurately – resulting in less business disruption and lesser cost of service.

Store associates can elevate in-store experiences with quick, hassle-free and error-free order fulfilment. With on-time reminders of housekeeping operations, store associates can improve machine performance and life.

Accelerate business growth with Tintelligence apps

The advanced suite of applications seamlessly integrates with the equipment, enabling smarter colour management and faster data-driven business decisions. They enhance profitability, increase efficiency, lower TCO and enable online ordering.

Cloud-based application for fleet management and business analytics. Provides real-time visibility and actionable insights into the operational and commercial data for faster and smarter decisions.

Cloud-based comprehensive dispense database management application that allows you to create, manage, publish and track dispense databases remotely in real-time. No one needs to visit each store to install or update the dispense database to formula books – eliminating the high costs and time involved with physical in-store visits.

A Bright Future Ahead…

As the Tintelligence Apps prepare to go live, Fast and Fluid Management is inviting businesses to embrace the future of tinting operations. Experience firsthand how this revolutionary solution breaks barriers, enhances efficiency and catapults tinting processes to unmatched levels of excellence.

Visit www.tintelligence.com to learn more.

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