Toyo Ink SC Holdings merges two wholly-owned subsidiaries

23 April 2015

Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co Ltd has merged two wholly-owned subsidiaries Toyo Ink Chemicals Taiwan Co Ltd and Toyo Ink Taiwan Co Ltd into a single operating entity. The reorganisation also resulted in a name change of the newly formed company and a relocation of its head office.
The merger entailed the absorption of Toyo Ink Taiwan, which imported and sold Toyo Ink Group colour and functional materials, polymers and coatings, into the structure of the successor company Toyo Ink Chemicals Taiwan, which manufactures and sells resist inks used for LCD colour filters.
Toyo Ink Taiwan was then dissolved and the name of the successor entity was changed to Toyo Advanced Science Taiwan Co Ltd.
With this move, the Toyo Ink Group aims to strengthen and deepen its market presence in the Taiwan region by speeding up and reinforcing new product development and customer response time. The Group is also looking to advance its businesses in the China and Southeast Asia region.

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