Trading in Thailand: PPCJ speaks to Maple Company

24 August 2023

Ahead of the Asia Pacific Coatings Show on September 6-8 in Bangkok, PPCJ has been speaking to Thai paint manufacturers and chemical distributors to discover the strengths and opportunities of the domestic coatings market. In this short interview, PPCJ spoke to Veerapong. S, General Manager of Maple Co Ltd, importer and exporter of raw materials for the paint industry, to find out the benefits Thailand offers to distributors

Q. When was Maple established, who by and what products do you trade?

A. We have been established since 1978 by Mr Vijit Suknirunvong. We trade various products, such as TOYO aluminium paste, pigments and chemicals for paint, ink, plastic and rubber industries.

Q. How much of your trade is in Thailand and how important is the market to your business?

A. We are importer and distributor for Thailand market, so 100%. Since we have a long, established history in the country we have many customers in Thailand that we enjoy a good relationship with.


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Q. What are the benefits of being a chemicals distributor in Thailand? 

A. Of course, as we are trader company, our customers do not need to worry about stock buffering, product shortage and also transportation. We trade over THB200 million per year and we are also able to manage the changing regulations for our customers, as we have followed as needed.

Q. How does the topic of sustainability impact your business? 

A. We have also concern about sustainability and we make sure we treat all of our customers, whether small or large, equally with the good service.

Q. How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your business and do you think it is ‘back to normal’ now?

A. After a couple years of COVID-19, yes we thought all business was impacted from this situation, but we have adapted our strategy to overcome for this unexpected situation. Not 100% yet, but getting better step by step.

Q. Finally, what trends do you think will come to the forefront in the next 10-20 years?  

A. As our main business is for automotive and paint, in automotive we foresee that it will continue changing from gasoline to hybrid or EV cars, as related with environment control.

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