Trinseo launches LIGOS™ C 9031 for high-performance coatings

01 July 2024

Trinseo has launched LIGOS™ C 9031, a 2-in-1 solution for premium, durable interior wall paint applications (low-pressure vinyl chloride, high-pressure vinyl chloride, and quartz types of paint). The new styrene acrylic emulsion offers exceptional washability and scrub resistance, allowing easy touch-ups without impacting the finished application. LIGOS™ C 9031 also exceeds the ASTM D 2486 standard for wet scrub performance, making it the perfect choice for high-humidity areas.  

The latex emulsion builds on Trinseo’s more than 70 years of experience in latex binders and is part of the Company’s portfolio of competitive, high-performance, and sustainable solutions. 

 LIGOS™ C 9031 features built-in viscosity control, allowing manufacturers to adjust viscosity PH levels and optimise the use of thickeners. Its superior formulation characteristics enable low viscosity for clog-free spray coating, medium-range viscosities for superior thickness control, and low resistance during roll and brush applications. 

 The emulsion is also available as part of Trinseo’s CO2NET™ product portfolio, designed to generate at least 50% fewer carbon emissions than their all-prime equivalents. Moreover, LIGOS™ C 9031 is Nordic Swam Eco-Label, EC1+ and Blue Angel compliant while boasting low volatile organic compound levels. 

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