Troy exhibit brings new technology to ChinaCoat 2013 visitors

07 November 2013

Troy Corporation is pleased to be exhibiting at ChinaCoat 2013 in Shanghai, China from 20-22 November in Hall E4, Zone 7, Booth 4G21-26. The exhibit will highlight how Troy can assist Asia Pacific customers to reach performance and cost targets through exceptional technical service and use of advanced, high-performance products, some of which are developed specifically for the Asia Pacific region.

"With a broad line of innovative, high performance Polyphase® and Troysan® dry-film preservatives, Mergal® wet-state preservatives, and Performance Additives, Troy offers manufacturers the opportunity to exceed their performance goals and achieve cost savings at the same time,” says Don Shaw, Vice President and General Manager of Troy Asia. "Visitors to the Troy stand will find information on unique products and services that can add value to their paints and coatings, providing performance and financial advantages over their competition.

Polyphase® & Troysan® Dry-Film Preservatives
Troy will be presenting Polyphase and Troysan preservatives at ChinaCoat, which address some of the biggest concerns of the paint and coatings industry in the Asia-Pacific region, namely low cost-in-use, long-lasting performance in tropical climates, and favorable environmental attributes. "Troy is dedicated to Asia, and we will continue to develop the products that will enable our customers to succeed in their markets,” says Shaw. Troy maintains multiple field testing sites in Asia for the evaluation of the full line of dry-film preservatives to ensure dependable film protection in end-use coatings.
Troy is introducing the most advanced and effective line of controlled release dry-film preservatives, Troysan CR, for unparalleled long-term anti-algal protection. The Troysan CR line of algaecides and fungicide + algaecides outperforms not only conventional preservatives, but also encapsulated products offered by competitors, as Troy’s extensive field testing has shown. "Troysan CR preservatives,” says Shaw, "provide unparalleled resistance to leaching, which benefits the coatings being protected, as well as the environment.”

New from Troy Corporation for interior applications, Polyphase 2167 is an innovative, zero-VOC broad-spectrum dry-film preservative that not only is highly effective against fungi and yeast, but also creates an antibacterial surface through a unique immobilization technology.

Mergal® Wet-State Preservatives
"Troy will also be presenting its Mergal wet-state preservatives, which offer a broad portfolio of actives and multi-active combinations to suit manufacturers’ needs, from contamination remediation to long-term protection, as well as optimized cost-in-use,” continues Shaw.

Performance Additives
Troy will be featuring its Z-line of multifunctional additives, comprised of innovative products that are free of VOCs, HAPs, and APE. New are Troysol™ Z370 universal wetting and mar & slip additive; Troysol Z372, universal mar & slip additive; and Troysol Z377, acrylic flow additive for solvent systems.

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