Troysperse SD8 pigment dispersant

30 March 2016

Troy Corporation has met the market need for a cost-effective pigment dispersant and wetting additive for non-aqueous systems with the introduction of Troysperse SD8. Designed for the dispersing of titanium dioxide, inorganic, and extender pigments at low use levels, Troysperse SD8 offers formulators low cost-in-use, as well as broad compatibility. The strong viscosity reduction imparted by Troysperse SD8 allows for high pigment loadings with excellent resistance to pigment settling. What’s more, the additive promotes improved colour development and uniformity, in addition to increased gloss.

"Formulators demand highly effective performance additives that offer functional advantages, full regulatory compliance and low cost-in-use,” said Dr Izzy Colon, Vice President, Science & Technology."Troysperse SD8 represents the latest technology for wetting and dispersing of non-aqueous systems, in one highly capable and compatible performance additive,” continued Colon. "As with many other Troy performance additives, Troysperse SD8 is an excellent choice for today’s ‘green’ systems.”

• Troy has also introduced Mergal GLT25 and GLT50 wet-state preservatives offering broad-spectrum protection against bacteria and fungi in aqueous systems. The formaldehyde-free preservatives, available in two concentrations, are highly cost-effective and offer excellent short- and medium-term protection of aqueous systems.

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