Ultra-fast cure makes installation of industrial flooring possible in a day

17 March 2022

Sherwin-Williams has launched a new high-speed curing range of decorative flooring coating systems which can be installed in a day with minimum downtime for industrial and commercial projects.

The Acrydur™ range, available in UK and across Europe, offers decorative systems using coloured quartz aggregates and flake chippings which create multi-layer floor systems with full curing in just one hour, even at low temperatures.

New flooring in shops and retail areas can now be installed outside of operating hours either at night or weekends, with the floor returned to service the same day, while car park flooring can be installed with minimum downtime.

Acrydur Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) based products and systems offer high durability, temperature resistance and UV stability. The complete product range includes primers, flexible membranes, bodycoats and topcoats which are used together to create flexible multi-coloured systems incorporating anti-slip textures.

Jeremy Waterhouse, Flooring Product Manager at Sherwin-Williams, said: "With this latest technology, Acrydur offers the fastest installation of all our products. Acrydur is a great addition to our product range – it provides decorative systems with major time and cost-saving advantages for projects in commercial and industrial sectors.

"Our customers can enjoy all the benefits of the toughest flooring with a high aesthetic finish for projects demanding fast installation solutions, such as food production and supermarket refurbishments.”

Using MMA technology not only enables rapid installation at low temperatures. The thermoplastic resin type creates strong adhesion onto substrates and between successive coats, creating a chemical bond where layers are fused together, which delivers unrivalled durability. Due to their UV stability and strength post curing, the Acrydur systems are also suitable for external projects including vehicle decks and concourse areas.

To learn more about Acrydur or other high performance flooring systems, visit the Sherwin-Williams High Performance Flooring website at https://resinflooring.sherwin.eu/.

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