Unleashing the commercial benefits of Intelli-ion technology

03 August 2023

In the highly competitive realm of corrosion protection, coatings manufacturers are constantly seeking innovative solutions that deliver superior performance and tangible commercial benefits. Hexigone proudly presents Intelli-ion®: a patented, award-winning corrosion inhibitor that redefines the standards of sustainable primer coatings. In this blog, Hexigone will explore the commercial advantages offered by Intelli-ion and showcase real-life customer examples where the technology has made a significant impact.

Enhance customer satisfaction with superior performance:

Intelli-ion’s advanced technology goes beyond traditional corrosion inhibition. Its unique electrochemical properties provide a smart, ‘on-demand’ response – safeguarding the substrate for longer. This mechanism extends the coating’s performance and has reached the highest (C5) level of corrosion protection – reducing the risk of premature failures and enhancing end-user customer satisfaction. 

Cost advantages for coatings manufacturers:

By combining the unique properties of Intelli-ion with the established phosphate inhibitors, coatings manufacturers can optimise their formulations while reducing overall costs. This synergistic ’co-blend’ approach allows for lower loadings of both Intelli-ion and phosphate-based inhibitors, resulting in significant savings in inhibitor expenses, transportation and storage. Coatings manufacturers can leverage this cost-advantageous strategy to deliver high-performance coatings while maximising margins. 

Achieving CSR targets with sustainable technology

As the coatings industry embraces ‘greener’ practices, Intelli-ion takes centre stage with its sustainable technology. Free from heavy metals and chromates, coatings manufacturers can align with internal sustainability goals and meet stringent environmental regulations while delivering superior corrosion protection. When incorporated, the coating system doesn’t require hazard warning labels associated with some corrosion inhibitors, which delivers safety/environmental benefits to end-customers during application and disposal of empty containers.  Sustainable benefits of the technology are realised by all stake holders in the supply chain (e.g. reduce CO₂ emissions per litre of paint).

Increase market share with new product lines:

In a competitive coatings market, introducing a new product line with Intelli-ion sets manufacturers apart from their competitors. The advanced technology and superior performance offered by Intelli-ion provide a unique selling proposition. Manufacturers can position their new product as a premium, high-performance option that outperforms traditional inhibitors, attracting customers seeking cutting-edge corrosion protection solutions.  From enhanced customer satisfaction and cost advantages to achieving CSR targets and increasing market share, Intelli-ion empowers coatings manufacturers to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

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