Vitex S.A. launches 'PAINT BANK' initiative

13 April 2022

The Greek Deputy Minister of Health, Mina Gaga, has visited Vitex S.A. to see the donation of more than 7000 litres of antiviral paint to Public Hospitals.

With this donation, Vitex launched its ‘PAINT BANK’ initiative, which aims to target private enterprises to uphold and support major CSR actions, via donations and contributions.

The initiative’s first action was supported by 361 Paint Shops from all over Greece, each one of which donated 10 litres of the antiviral paint, Vitex with VAIRO, to upgrade the facilities of public hospitals. Upon completion of the action, Vitex doubled the donation, which means that more than 7000 litres of Vitex with VAIRO can be applied to protect hospital surfaces from viruses, including SARS-CoV2 coronavirus, as well as from bacteria blamed for hospital-acquired infections.

The paint will be delivered in consultation with the Greek Ministry of Health, based on the needs of public health structures. It is estimated that with this amount of paint, 60,000m2 of interior walls can be upgraded.

Upon delivery of the donation – at the premises of Vitex S.A. in Aspropyrgos – the Deputy Minister of Health, Mina Gaga, thanked both Vitex SA and the Paint Shops for their offer and stated: "The government and the Ministry of Health have as a priority, the upgrading of the hospital infrastructures, so that both patients and hospital employees can be protected. For this purpose, we utilise resources of our regular budget, the recovery fund and the NSRF and, of course, private donations, like the PAINT BANK initiative, which we welcome. Public and private initiatives can be combined for the best possible result within the NSS.”

Armodios Yannidis, CEO of Vitex S.A., stated: "Through this action, our company highlights the innovation and the collectivity of our ecosystem. Considering as a starting point the development of a technology that for the first time makes the painted surfaces "self-disinfecting", we focused on a rare action of the group social responsibility of an entire sector. It is our honour that we led an action that united our partners from all over the country to support public hospitals throughout Greece."

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