Völpker acquires montan wax business

18 May 2015

Völpker Spezialprodukte GmbH (Völpker) will acquire the montan wax business of BASF on April 21, 2015, Völpker Managing Director Falko Preußer has announced. Völpker is the producer of this wax. In future, BASF shall focus on its core business of the Luwax and Poligen brands of polyethylene wax.

With 115 years of experience, Völpker is a wax producer with one of the richest traditions in Europe. Waradur montan waxes are used in a large number of industries. They are used primarily in the plastics industry, particularly in engineering plastics compounds. Here montan waxes (eg the Waradur OP/Waradur E types) act both as flow improvers and separating agents in the processing of plastics. These waxes also act as nucleating agents and dispersing additives for pigments and fillers. Due to the versatility of Waradur montan waxes and their long-term availability and price stability, Völpker is expanding its own international market by acquiring the montan wax business of BASF.

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