Wacker presents sustainable solutions for the Construction and Coatings industries

27 March 2023

At the first European Coatings Show since the Covid pandemic, Wacker will be presenting a wide range of product and application highlights. Novelties on stage for the first time are binders for high-temperature coatings and high solids, silicone additives for silicate interior wall paints, dispersible polymer powders for tile adhesives, polymer dispersions for waterproofing membranes, and a silicone resin binder for stone carpets. In Hall 1, the company will be presenting itself to trade show visitors twice: at Booth 1-206, where experts will provide information on construction, sealant and coating solutions, and at Booth 1-312, where the Wacker Academy Forum will invite visitors to attend technical presentations and live demos. The European Coatings Show starts tomorrow in Nuremberg, Germany, and ends on March 30, 2023.

Wacker has been promoting its ECS appearance on its website and social media channels for several weeks now. In posts and short videos, product developers, application engineers and marketing experts explained what the Group has to offer at Europe’s largest paints, coatings and inks trade show this year.

With more than 300 square meters of booth space and a new trade show design, the company’s booth is easy to find in Hall 1 (1-206). And that’s not all: a few steps away from the booth, the Wacker will be addressing trade visitors once again. Chemists and technical service engineers will be on hand every day between 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at the Wacker Academy Forum (Booth 1 312) to discuss the latest product and development trends in the construction, paints, coatings and sealants industries. Nearly 30 presentations are planned over the three days of the show, sustainability being a focus of most talks. On Tuesday, March 28, at 11:30 am, Peter Gigler, head of Corporate Sustainability at Wacker , will present the Group’s sustainability goals and its “Race to Zero”. Detailed information on the complete lecture programme is available at www.wacker.com/ecs.

With the aid of the new VINNOL L-6868 polymer resin binder, printing inks can be formulated to adhere reliably to all kinds of plastics. Wacker will be unveiling the product in March at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg. (Photo: Wacker )

“At the last ECS, our forum was a real crowd puller. I’m sure this will be the case again this year,” says Peter Summo, head of Wacker Polymers. Topics such as energy-efficient construction, water-proofing membranes or concrete recycling are on the  agenda. “Up to 40% of the energy used for heating and air conditioning is due to uninsulated exterior walls of homes. Good building insulation can significantly reduce this energy consumption and the CO2 emissions it causes,” says Summo. “Thermal insulation, resource-saving construction, refurbishment and modernisation are among the key topics we are addressing at ECS and for which we are also presenting new products and solutions.”

Wacker ’s Silicones division will also focus on sustainable solutions for the construction and coatings industries: resource-conserving silicone sealants (ELASTOSIL® eco), silicone resins for solvent-free high-temperature coatings or silicone additives for biocide-free interior wall paints are among the highlights displayed this year. “Sustainability is a key concern for us as a company,” emphasises Robert Gnann, head of the Wacker Silicones division. “The ECS is an excellent platform to discuss innovative and sustainable solutions with existing customers and those who want to become a customer in the future. We are particularly looking forward to this dialogue.”

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