Wacker to present dispersible polymer powder for tile adhesives

15 February 2019

Wacker will present a new dispersible polymeric binder for tile adhesives and wall troweling compounds at the European Coatings Show 2019.

Vinnapas® 8812 T imparts very good water resistance to dry-mix mortars, with the result that they can be used in wet areas, such as swimming pools.

Dry-mix mortars modified with Vinnapas 8812 T are notable for their long open times and very good non-slump properties.

The European Coatings Show 2019 will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 19 to 21.

The new dispersible polymer powder Vinnapas 8812 T rounds out Wacker’s existing Vinnapas product portfolio for tile adhesives and wall troweling compounds.

Developed from Vinnapas 8620 E, it is ideal for sophisticated tile adhesives that have to bond to large-format, high-quality tiles or to difficult surfaces, such as natural stone.

Like Vinnapas 8620 E, Vinnapas 8812 T features excellent adhesion – even after critical exposure to moisture and freeze/thaw cycles – as well as a long open time and high flexibility.

Vinnapas 8812 T also offers very good non-slump properties.

It is therefore eminently suitable for formulating tile adhesives in categories C2TE, C2TES1 and C2TES2 of DIN EN 12004.

For tilers, this means that the tile will not slip in the fresh bed of adhesive and can be readily adjusted.

After application, the troweling compound can be smoothed or the tiles adjusted for at least 30min (a minimum requirement for C2E adhesives under DIN EN 12004) before it begins to dry.

The high flexibility conferred by the Wacker product evens out stresses between tile and substrate while the high water resistance makes it ideal for use in wet areas.

Vinnapas 8812 T is based on a terpolymer of vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride and ethylene.

Produced without the use of either plasticiser or film-forming additive, the dispersible polymer powder is also suitable for formulating low-emission products that must comply with eco-labels such as EMICODE EC1 PLUS and the Blue Angel.

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