X-Rite to show connected colour measurement and appearance solutions at Western Coatings Show

10 October 2023

X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in colour science and technology, will showcase the latest colour measurement and appearance solutions for a sustainable workflow at Western Coatings Show, October 15-18, in Las Vegas, NV.

X-Rite will showcase how a digital colour workflow helps coating manufacturers accelerate colour formulation, ensure an accurate colour match, avoid colour rejections, create digital material renderings and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, X-Rite is presenting a session on appearance characterisation for effect and structured coatings in the Innovation Lounge at the show on October 17 at 2:50 PM.

“The complexity of using new bio-based and recycled material and the need for a more sustainable and efficient manufacturing process is driving innovation in colour measurement,” said Matthew Adby, Product Management Director, X-Rite. “At Western Coatings Show, attendees will learn how X-Rite measurement devices go beyond spectral measurements to characterise material appearance and connect to a digital workflow, streamlining colour communication, formulation and quality control. Manufacturers can eliminate subjective colour communication and assessment that often ends with unnecessary waste, reduce the need for physical prototypes and verify colour is on target through all stages of the manufacturing process.”

At the show in booth 430, X-Rite will display the latest color measurement and appearance solutions for every stage of the design to production process.


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Colour measurement & specification – See the latest colour measurement technology and learn which X-Rite spectrophotometer is best for your application. Speak with experts on creating digital colour standards that can be shared across the global supply chain.

Virtual prototyping – Create virtual prototypes by leveraging spectral and imaging data to render original paint and coating colour and texture onto a 3D model using X-Rite PANTORA™ software. Economically digitise the appearance of coatings using the X-Rite Ci7000 Series, MA-T12, and MetaVue VS3200 spectrophotometers and create a digital library of colours for use in virtual prototyping to visualise colours on different substrates for faster product development and quality control.

Formulation – Remove subjectivity from colour formulation using advanced formulation software that can increase the color match rate by 50%. Color iMatch delivers optimal initial color matches, reduces wasteful formulation attempts and optimises pigment costs.

Production and quality control – Maintain, compare, and analyse production colour to the standard, ensuring it stays in tolerance from formulation through shipment. Learn how to accelerate time to market and reduce customer rework.

In addition, attendees can learn about X-Rite’s extensive colour education and employee training offering including free webinars, on demand seminars and on-site trainings. X-Rite also offers support services to keep your colour measurement workflows running smoothly with a range of device maintenance plans.

Characterising effect and structured coating session

In the X-Rite innovation session on characterising effect and structured coating, attendees will hear how portable measurement devices now include Spatially Varying Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (SVBRDF), which is used to characterise and control multiple appearance attributes such as sparkle, flip & flop, roughness and texture. These material appearance properties can now be communicated throughout a workflow from design visualisation through the supply chain for quality control. This allows for accurate virtual prototyping and quality control, eliminating wasteful iterations in the design, physical prototyping, manufacturing process.

For more information about X-Rite solutions for paint and coatings, visit https://www.xrite.com/industry-solutions/paint-coatings-color-measurement

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