Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile names BASF Shanghai Coatings 'Excellent R&D Supplier'

23 May 2012

BASF has been awarded the ‘Excellent R&D Supplier’ by Zhengzhou Nissan Auto Co, Ltd, for its excellent achievement in providing eco-friendly coatings with advanced technology.. BASF is the only coatings supplier in the year to have won this award from Zhengzhou Nissan Auto as recognition for excellent technical capability and innovative spirit.

BASF, the first supplier of waterborne coatings to Zhengzhou Nissan since 2010, got high credit for its advanced coatings technology featuring great innovation, high efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

"We are proud of being recognised by Zhengzhou Nissan for our technology and innovation,” said Dr Ramkumar Dhruva, Vice President – Asia Pacific, BASF Automotive OEM Coatings Solutions. "BASF delivers best-in-class coatings solutions to our customers to help them enhance product performance and work efficiency, and thus to be more successful.”

"Our technical team and on-site service team always work closely with our customers to ensure a best operation of water-borne automotive coatings in Zhengzhou Nissan. Innovative solutions, close partnership and cutting-edge technology are our key competencies,” added Dr Thierry Herning, General Manager, BASF Shanghai Coatings Co, Ltd.

With the growing importance of China in the automotive manufacturing industry on one hand, and more stringent regulations on emission control on the other, there have been growing demands for high-efficient and sustainable automotive coatings solutions. BASF offers waterborne automotive OEM coatings that deliver excellent performance and high efficiency to address the needs of car makers in China. Since 2010, BASF has been providing waterborne basecoat solutions to Zhengzhou Nissan and has become the exclusive waterborne basecoat supplier for the Nissan NV200 starting in October 2011. With the use of waterborne coatings, the majority of organic solvents contained in solventborne paint are replaced by water, which considerably lowers the impact on the environment by significantly reducing emissions during the coating process. This enables Zhengzhou Nissan to add value to its products by meeting environmental regulations. With further collaboration with BASF, Zhengzhou Nissan Auto will eventually transfer its current painting lines into water-borne products in the following few years.

Zhengzhou Nissan Auto Co, Ltd, founded in 1993, is the first whole-vehicle joint venture invested by Japan Nissan in China. The joint-venture of Nissan and Dongfeng Auto was established as the main production site of light commercial vehicles for both Nissan and Dongfeng brands. BASF has established long-team strategic partnership with Zhengzhou Nissan, starting in 1993, to provide high quality OEM coatings solutions and service.

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