Zooming in on the Asia Pacific 2024+ Color Forecast

07 September 2023

Montaha Hidefi, a colour expert, gives PPCJ a glimpse into the Asia Pacific 2024+ Color Forecast from Color Marketing Group, highlighting the societal trends that are influencing the move to cool blue and green hues

As the world prepares to turn the page on yet another year, the canvas of colour trends in the Asia Pacific region is undergoing a profound metamorphosis. The 2024+ Color Forecast, methodically crafted by Color Marketing Group® (CMG), heralds a refreshing surge of cool blue and green tones, marking a departure from the warmer hues that have taken centre stage in recent colour predictions. Beyond mere shifts in aesthetics and preferences, this dynamic evolution of colour signifies a deeper reflection of the evolving times and the collective aspirations of individuals.

Themes of connection, change and renewal


"For the creatives who understand the intricate language of colour, colour trends are not just random occurrences; they are tangible embodiments of emotions and the psychological states of societies."

However, the process of colour forecasting, which predicts colours years before they gain widespread popularity, delves into the realms of foresight. It systematically traces the threads of societal, economic, political, environmental and technological drivers that will ultimately shape our sentiments and consequently, our preferences in the realm of design and colour in the years to come.

Amidst the lingering shadows of the pandemic, 2024 beckons a period of pivotal change in behaviours and priorities as determined by the CMG Asia Pacific Color Forecasting Committee.

The Color Forecast casts a light on the region’s inclination towards collaboration, innovation and the revival of connections, all underpinned by a renewed sense of urgency and purpose. Woven like threads through the CMG Color Stories leading to the 2024+ Asia Pacific Color Forecast, the themes—connection, change and renewal—form the guiding principles that hold the narratives together.

These themes encapsulate a transformational period that will profoundly influence the creative and design landscapes of the region. They emphasise the yearning for a departure from the ordinary, whether it’s achieved through immersive virtual explorations or the reconnection with nature’s embrace. The growing inclination towards technology as a gateway to alternate realms and its capacity to offer novel experiences are poised to continue shaping the way we interact with the world around us. Notably, the anticipated expansion of technology into remote areas in countries like China projects a future of opportunities for growth beyond the confines of urban centres.

Empowerment through feminine influence

The rise of feminine influence, a hallmark of both commercial and political spheres, is expected to stimulate a significant influence on design, colour and material choices. Women’s inherent adaptability in the face of shifting circumstances and their ability to address unforeseen challenges with compassion, equilibrium, healing and security is extending far beyond the domestic sphere. It’s permeating workplaces and communities alike, inspiring a paradigm shift in design that thrives on adaptability and empathy.


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Economic renewal and the rise of Gen Z

A vital facet of the forecast delves into the renewal of the post-pandemic economy, illustrating the economic and financial facets that will steer the trajectory toward resurgence. A prevailing sentiment suggests that Generation Z could play a pivotal role in driving both innovation and the broader process of economic renewal.

Transitioning from warm to cool tones

As the doors to 2024 draw closer, these anticipated societal shifts will cascade into a transformation of the colour and design landscape of the Asia Pacific region. The most pronounced transformation will be characterised by the prominence of cool blue and green shades. This departure from the warm spectrum that has dominated in recent years signifies a deliberate shift in focus and emotional resonance. The heart of this transformation lies in the selection of “Connection” as the Key Color for the region.

Evolving within the blue spectrum

The prominence of the blue spectrum forms a palpable connection to technological advancement, with a steadfast emphasis on connectivity. The array of blue shades predicted in the Color Forecast captures not just visual aesthetics, but also the attributes of strength and vision—both symbols of our journey ahead.

The colour “Connection,” a rich and deep blue tinged with hints of red, beckons a departure from our behaviour during the peak pandemic years. It urges reliance on innovative methodologies, enhanced supply chain management and collective collaboration to reconnect the global sphere with renewed care for our planet. As the lines between the virtual and the tangible blur, the realm of technology assumes an increasingly high-tech role, demanding a colour that radiates vibrancy and urgency. “Connection” binds these concepts together, signifying dynamic communication and connectivity that spans personal, local and global scales.

Embracing healing and balance with green hues

Green, particularly the variants with a yellow base, emerges as a central theme in the 2024 Color Forecast. It radiates a message of kinship with the planet, symbolising a collective commitment to healing the environment. The multitude of green tones evokes equilibrium and well-being, extending an invitation to all to partake in the collective effort to preserve Earth’s invaluable resources.

A vibrant bouquet of possibilities

The CMG 2024+ Color Forecast for Asia Pacific is distinguished by its array of clean tones, which resonate with positivity and vitality. These vibrant shades emanate optimism and joy, creating an atmosphere that exudes hope and enthusiasm in our spaces. Simultaneously, the emergence of muted tones in varying degrees lends a sense of solidity, serving as a robust foundation upon which personalised designs for both interior and exterior spaces can flourish.

Embracing sustainable neutrals

Tinted neutral tones continue to ascend within the Asia Pacific Forecast, assuming a role that parallels the prominence of blue and green. Departing from the depths of dark neutral shades, the forecast veers toward a softer direction, cultivating surroundings that emanate tranquility and equilibrium. Rooted in the embrace of organic influences and a return to the embrace of natural life, these evolving neutral tones stand as a testament to a profound shift towards sustainability in colour, materials and finishes. These tonalities invoke tactile, livable experiences while celebrating the harmony between design and the natural world.

A tapestry of connection and renewal

In summary, CMG’s 2024+ Asia Pacific Color Forecast is more than just a collection of colours—it’s a visual narrative, a reflection of the evolving values, aspirations and connections of the region. The dominance of cool blue and green hues heralds an era of technological integration, sustainability and healing. As we embark on a journey of transformation and renewal, this forecast stands as a guiding beacon, inviting us to shape a future characterised by connection, harmony and resilience.

Montaha Hidefi is a Color Archaeologist™ and founder of Color Landing Studio; VP of Color Forecasting at Color Marketing Group; VP at Colour Research Society of Canada; and Color Consultant at The ChemQuest Group.

CMG 2024+ Asia Pacific Forecast and CMG 2024+ World Color Forecast™ extended Color Stories and color details, including colour notations and values are CMG member-benefits shared with members in good standing at the time of publication. For additional information on CMG membership and colour services provided, please contact Color Marketing Group at sgriffis@colormarketing.org.

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