Adhesives accredited with European fire, smoke and toxicity standard

16 September 2013

SCIGRIP, a global supplier of smart adhesive solutions, has qualified two key products under the European safety standard for Fire, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) for use in rail constructions. Accredited by Crepim, an independent test laboratory in France, SCIGRIP’s methacrylate 10:1 adhesives SG300 and SG230HV officially comply with the newly introduced EN45545-2 2013 standard.

It is increasingly important to have FST qualifications as designs in composites and plastics increasingly replace traditional materials in mass public transport vehicles such as railway carriages. This revised and updated European standard assesses the spread of flame, heat release, smoke density and toxicity for materials destined for use in rail carriage interior applications, such as vertical and horizontal surfaces, cavities, luggage storage compartments and gangways.

SCIGRIP’s SG300 and SG230HV adhesives are used extensively by rail, rolling stock manufacturers globally. SG230 is well known for having low exotherm and high build to permit heavy duty bonding applications in large components, while SG300 is notable in permitting primerless bonding to metals and composites. Both have convenient variable speed control.
The EN45545-2 accreditation provides reassurance to existing and potential customers in many applications. In addition to rail interior manufacturers, these qualifications will encourage the use of SCIGRIP adhesives across a range of other public service vehicles.

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