AkzoNobel partnership with University

14 March 2012

AkzoNobel has announced, a landmark strategic partnership with the Corrosion and Protection Centre (CPC) at The University of Manchester, UK, to strengthen its ability to continue the delivery of ‘first in class’ corrosion protection solutions.

The five-year partnership between the world’s largest manufacturer of corrosion protection coatings and the world’s largest academic unit dedicated to the study of corrosion is due to commence in April. This will allow for vital work to be undertaken to help tackle the annual US$2.2trn global annual cost of corrosion, accounting for over 3% of the world’s GDP.

The research will address a number of key challenges including: What causes some paints to prevent corrosion and others to fail?; what are the coating-substrate interactions, which prevent corrosion?; and how to predict the lifetime of coatings and how can corrosion be detected before it is visible?

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