allnex continues to push the boundaries in Direct-To-Metal applications with waterborne 1K acrylic resins SETAQUA® DTM 6850 and 6899

16 December 2019

allnex, a coating resins company, is launching two new waterborne acrylic dispersions, SETAQUA®DTM 6850 and SETAQUA®6899 in conjunction with a new, co-developed dispersing agent, ADDITOL®XW 6588 for Direct To Metal (DTM) coating applications, into the European market.

The coatings derived from this unique supply offering of both dispersion and dispersant provide a unique combination of very high gloss, excellent block resistance and outstanding C3 level corrosion protection without the inclusion of corrosion inhibitive pigments, when used in DTM topcoats.

The dispersions themselves are uniquely hydrophobic, enabling excellent early water resistance properties and offering both shear stability and the potential for high pigment loading.

They also possess excellent adhesion on both ferrous and a variety of nonferrous metals.

The corrosion and water resistance of these high performance emulsions reach their full potential via their optimised dispersion characteristics and their synergistic behaviour with our custom designed dispersing agent, ADDITOL XW 6588.

Systems utilising these products are expected to take performance levels of DTM systems used in Industrial Metal, Protective and other applications to those not seen before.

Tom Vanheertum, Global Segment Manager for Industrial Coatings within allnex’s Liquid Resins & Additives business commented: "We are genuinely excited to bring these DTM dispersions in combination with our customised dispersing agent to the European market as a true enabler for the expanded use of waterborne systems in demanding metal coatings applications."

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